Training & consulting

» Inspiring offering

Sales is all about helping your customers buy the right thing. That seems easy, but

  • Your sales people might need to improve their skills to articulate the value of your solutions
  • Your account manager should talk to people on a higher level
  • The sales process might benefit from more efficiency and effectiveness
  • You want to optimise all upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Forecasting is not accurate
  • Etcetera

Therefore listens to you very closely and offers services that cover all aspects of sales: the people, the processes, and the tools. is an international network of highly experienced and inspiring sales consultants.

We enable our clients to improve their results: attract new customers, better manage existing accounts and create greater business value.

We deliver our services in customized programs on a worldwide basis in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

» Sales training

After a classroom session of sales training, our participants are always very excited to go out and try out all those new techniques and insights on their customers. And that is good. Enthousiasm is very important and good action points after a training will drive new behaviour.

However, it is key to keep the momentum and fully implement all those new learnings and insights in a consistent way. That is why we see training as a long term development process, involving the participants, the managers and our consultants in a continuous improvement process.

The development projects we do for our customers are highly customized, taking into account the products and services, the market situation and the competence level of the participants. Preparation is key and the business cases we use during the training sessions are based on the client's real customers.

We have made an "Implementation Toolkit" for the managers and the participants; to make sure they make optimal use of all the tools, tips, tricks and work processes. The e-sales videos Mysellingskills are a spectacular complement to the classroom training: all the learning material can be viewed and trained anytime and anywhere in a very interactive and pleasant way.

» Consulting

Every company wants to improve its results. Those results may be more turnover, higher margin, more volume. Now, any manager who thinks he can manage his company by pressing for results is an idiot. When results are there, it is too late for managerial interventions.

The interesting question is : what leads to results? The answer is : efforts. Efforts can be managed. First of all, one must choose the directions of the efforts: what kind of customers, what kind of products, what kind of sales approach?

Then there is the quantitative dimension: how many sales meetings, how many demonstrations, how many phone calls do you need to do to achieve your target?

Another question is the quality of the efforts: how good is your product presentation, how good are you at negotiating a deal?

Scheme : Competence -> Efforts (Direction, Quantity, Quality) -> Results

It all boils down to competence: having the right skill sets and the correct knowledge to do the right efforts, will lead to the desired results.

Our consulting services help you improve your competence, manage your efforts so that you will have a much better chance of achieving results.

This is our "blended learning approach" resulting in consistent behaviour change and eventually better sales results.