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Sales Training : Good sales pitch!

Good sales pitch!
A short story.
He had called in advance, asking whether he might also present his projectors, next to the usual PC products. A modern company like PolyChem surely needed decent presentation peripherals. The nice Hewlett Packard-salesman had suggested this so politely that I couldn’t possibly say no. Besides, he was right: we did need [...]

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Delivered projects.

Apple Inc.
Apple Inc. is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the world, having completely altered the computer, music and phone industry. We delivered a comprehensive European wide program of value and solutions selling sessions for inside sales, major account sales and dealer account managers. Delivery in all European countries, in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Apple's business grew with 20%.
Acheson is a highly specialized industry player, producing thermoset resins for electronic materials, specialty coatings and process lubricants. We trained the entire sales team of the major European countries in value selling skills for the account managers and customer service skills for inside sales people.
Ansell is the global leader in health care barrier protection, for manufacturing industries and surgical applications. The entire European sales force went to through an indepth program of value and solution selling skills, key account management, dealer account management and negotiation skills. The trainings are complemented with coaching and the e-learning tool Mysellingskills. Delivery in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
AXATech is the technology group of the AXA banking and insurance group AXA. We are rolling out a comprehensive three year development program on selling skills and account management for all the client engagement people of AXA tech worldwide. The program is a combination of class room training, coaching and e-tools Mysellingskills, that reinforce and implement the learnings into consistent behaviour change. In collaboration with our partner Arcalidis. Delivery in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.
Barco is the worldwide expert in visualisation technology. We are rolling out a comprehensive sales training program, involving account management, valueselling and negotiation skills for all sales people of the Medical Imaging Division. Delivery in Europe, Asia and America. Other project we did for Barco: Assessment of the sales team of the control division and conference on valueselling in a highly competitive market. Implementation of Advanced sales training for the entire sales and pre sales force of Barco China. Delivered in English and Mandarin.
Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions. Products and services range from air compressors, compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems to related aftermarket and rental. Valueselling gave a sales training to the European procurement team so that they can better negotiate with their suppliers in a spirit of win-win.
Bausch & Lomb
Selling and communication skills for the Belgian sales force who visit optometrists and ophtalmologists, presenting the highly qualitative eye care solutions of Bausch & Lomb. Presentation and media skills for the key opinion leaders of B&L. Development of a key account program for all European sales people.
Global account management program for the European and US sales teams. Integration of the cross atlantic business models and account management processe leading to better definition of roles and responsibilities in the customer mamanegment process. Basell is a world leader in polyethylene and propylene
Brigl & Bergmeister
Conference on value selling for the worldwide sales teams of Brigl & Bermeister, their partners and customers. B&B is a leading specialist in etiquetting and flexible packaging solutions specialist. Theme of the session: How do we sell the value of our products, services and solutions in a competitive market where the price becomes more important!
Britisch Telecom
British Telecom, one of the largets ICT providers in the world, wants to have the best key acount team. Therefore we did an extensive assessment of the sales capabiliteit of the high level acount managers and suggested personalised development opportunities.
Leadership workshop for the shop managers of all outlets in France. C&A has been revamping its brand and in that process the managers of the shops are actively engaged. In collaboration with our partner Stonfield.
Cegedim develops and delivers technologies and services in the area of medical information processing, enabling health care professionals to better target their clients. Negotiaton training to deal with procurement people and value selling for the European sales force
Conference on value selling for the worldwide sales force of Ceratizit, specialist in hard materials. How do we sell the value of our products, services and solutions in a competitive market where the price becomes more important!
Edison is a full service communication agency, helping its many customers to sell more through better targeted and more creative advertising. Valueselling trains and coaches the account managers to delight their customers and bring always more value to them.
Emerson & Cuming
Emerson & Cuming is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance polymers for the most challenging circuit and component assembly application Selling and customer service skills for inside sales people.
FRS Global
Presentation skills training for product managers and consultants who give key note speeches to high level banking executives, explaining the challenges of financial compliance in the future and showing the value of the FRS solutions.
Solution selling skills for the entire European and Asian sales organisation, enhancing the interaction between sales, pre sales, marketing and solution architects. Gemalto is the world leader in security and business enhancement solutions for big telco and banking customers. Train the trainer program for product managers of the various departments, who train the sales force in new product launches.
Advanced selling skills for Services Sales teams of Eastern Europe; Selling SAP outsourcing solutions to CIO’s in Germany; Global Share of Wallet program for European services sales teams; Delivery in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; Implementation of e-sales tools Mysellingskills for the European services sales teams
InFocus has created industry leading projectors to give your ideas the biggest, brightest and clearest platform possible. Basic and advanced Value selling skills for the European sales management team.
Sales approach enhancement program for the european sales force of this dental specialist delivering invisible orthodontic solutions. The focus of the program is on customer profiling and prioritisation of sales efforts.
Irdeto Acces is the leading provider of highly sophisticated condtional acces technology for media and telco customers. Extensive program on Deal management and account management techniques for the worldwide sales force. Delivery in Europe, US and China.
Account managers and internal sales agents of Katoennatie have been trained in selling to and negotiating with procurement people who are very price sensitive
Kuehne + Nagel
Kuehne + Nagel delivers integrated solutions across the supply chain that turn companies' logistics challenges into real competitive advantages. Key account management for the global sales organisation.
LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. Presentation skills for product managers.
Comprehensive sales training for European sales management, account managers and field sales people of Logitech, the market leader in computer and gaming peripherals. Delivery for all teams in Europe, taking into account the specifics of the various countries and distribution/retail mechanics. In English, French, German.
Management Center Europe
MCE Essentials of sales, and Solution selling – the value based approach.
National Adhesives
National Adhesives is one of the largest producers of specialty industrial adhesives in the world, based on both natural and synthetic polymers. Major product groups include water-borne, hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives Valueselling skills and team selling skills for French and German sales teams.
As a leading European specialty pharmaceutical company, Norgine develops, manufactures and markets innovative medicines for the benefit of patients, employees and all other stakeholders. Sales management skills and methods for the European district managers; Selling skills for medical representatives. Delivery in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Sales training for the medical reps presenting diabetic solutions to doctors in Saudi Arabia. Three day program for a 100 man sales force, in parallel sessions with four consultants. In collaboration with our partner TTM-International.
Sales training for the internal and external sales teams of this largest furniture and apprarel supplier in the Baltics. Basic value selling and customer management skills, in collaboration with our Lithuanian partner TMD
ShellGas is a division of the petro giant delivering gas based hearting solutions to residential homes. New product launch training for Belgian and Dutch sales forces.
Valueselling skills for the consultants who manage the accounts in Belgium. The focus of the program is on articulating the unique value Sirris has: knowledge, expertise and process improvement that help customers cut costs. Sirrris was frerly known as WTCM, the scientific and technical center for the metallurgic industry, that delivers highly appreciated advice for business process improvements. Comprehensive program of Sales management skills for business managers and account management for field sales people.
Stanwick Management Consultants
Stanwick Management Consultants, formerly Bekaert-Stanwick is an independent, Belgium-based management consulting firm, helping companies to achieve excellent business results by improving their Organisational and Operational) performance. Valueselling trained the consultants in account management and valueselling skills.
Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek or STK) is a worldwide technology company that delivers a broad range of data storage offerings. Value and solution selling skills for the European sales force.
Thermal Ceramics
Thermal Ceramics provides heat insulation solutions to furnacing, petro-chemical and housing industries on a worldwide basis. Comprehensive pogram on Advanced selling skills, Key Account management and Negotiation Skills for the worldwide sales force. Delivery in Europe, US and Asia.
Sales management training, open program for the Lituanian consultancy firm TMD, targeting the sales directors of Baltic large enterprises, in the telco, IT and medical field.
Sales skills training for the Belgian reps who visit retail outlets, selling salads and prepared meals. We trained the team on face to face convincing techniques so that outlet owners better see the benefits of the Uniq products: quality and more turnover.
Comprehensive development program for the sales and pre sales team of this strongly skilled Belgian IT services provider. Sell your value, negotiate your price and manage your customers.


My team enjoyed an exciting training session, and they are already using many of the new techniques. They are buzzing with enthusiasm.

- Mike Sklar, Sales Director Barco USA

Great session, grand teacher

- Yoshio Uryu, President of sales, Thermal Ceramics

The course opened my eyes a great deal into the world of selling. The tips I learned in the valueselling course work like a charm.

- Natalie Mbewe, Sales Manager Gemalto South Africa

Jan Flamend touches the essence when global selling is at stake. His starting point is capturing value. That is key to win from competitors in a very tough global market.

- Leendert van Hellemond, Senior Vice President, Basell Chemicals

MCE has been using for many years the extensive sales expertise of Jan Flamend by working with him as a consultant, coach and management developer for our large international customers. These customers keep on expressing their high satisfaction of the work Jan does with them.

- Paul Frowijn, Sales Director, Management Center Europe

The Value Selling Method of Jan Flamend has become an essential part of our company’s way of working. The sales attitude of our account managers has contributed greatly to our profitablility. Add to that the unique coaching approach and inspiring trainings of Jan, and you have golden success formula.

- Bart Ramakers, CEO, Edison Integrated Communications

Jan has remarkable talent in showing sales executives how to improve their selling skills. His sales and training experience combined with his friendly and witty character made my training experience with him successful and enjoyable.

- Ketilbjörn Tryggvason, Senior Vice President, Kuehne & Nagel

Jan is walking the talk, his value based approach is so efficient as he applies it in all of his actions. This has enriched my sales force and allowed real break through performance.

- Johan Vanoverbeke, Sales Director Middle and Eastern Europe, Hewlett Packard

Our district managers seminar was a very practical training and positive experience. One of the best training sessions ever where you get an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. A very pragmatic approach with many recognizable situations analysed in a humorous way. It was an instructive confrontation with yourself and your colleagues.

- Peter Tans, Managing Director, Norgine Pharmaceuticals

We achieved a much higher awareness of the value we provide to our customers. We have been able to use this value in our pricing decisions and have achieved a measurable improvement of sales results.

- Dr. Dieter Thumm, European Business Director, Acheson Industrial Lubricants

It is clear from our experience that value selling ensures you get closer to your customers. We have been able to ensure the customer understands our technology in a way that is meaningful to them and as a result gained new business at a much faster rate than we were before. Value selling is a full culture change with clear measurable returns. It also brings functions together and increases motivation.

- Chris McBean, Vice President Europe, National Starch & Chemical